About Realty India


Realty India is a publishing initiative of Media Catalyst, Dubai. We are a group of media and marketing professionals with footprints across most of the Indian diaspora. We have adequate exposure in print and online media. We are committed to spreading the good word about India’s economic growth and investment opportunities in the realty sector, particularly in the light of Smart City projects.

The media professionals involved in the project have in-depth knowledge about the wide-spectrum media markets that they have gained during their decades of hands-on experience heading print operations and marketing. www.realty-india.com aims to be one of the best news aggregators.

We have created the website to reach out to the world and aim to remove doubts and misconceptions that NRIs may have about the potential of real estate investment under new regulations that are in place. The website is being developed into a reference point with a strong data-base that will help project promoters, real-estate developers, housing finance companies, builders and buyers of homes and commercial property.

There is excitement among NRIs, particularly in Gulf countries, to participate in the innovative projects and programmes that India is currently pursuing. What Realty India aims is to create a platform to showcase the potential not only in real-estate development but also in various economic sectors, including information technology, healthcare, power generation and infrastructure development.

We are now in the process of short-listing for inclusion in Realty India business directory top 100 real-estate developers, public and private sector infrastructure development companies, commercial builders, IT and digital networking firms, housing finance institutions and banks.

This portal www-realty-india.com will keep website visitors informed about investment opportunities and trending stories on the Indian realty sector and Smart Cities.

Keep track of news, analysis and in-depth reportage and become a smart investor and a smart contributor to India’s economic and social development.

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