Ambitious plans in mission statements
It is interesting to note that a majority of the Smart City plans for 95 cities submitted to the Urban Development Ministry in their vision statements listed economic development, cleaner environment and richer cultural heritage as main goals. Obviously building…

It is interesting to note that a majority of the Smart City plans for 95 cities submitted to the Urban Development Ministry in their vision statements listed economic development, cleaner environment and richer cultural heritage as main goals.

Obviously building Smart Cities is not an elitist approach to development as the quintessence of its goal is inclusive growth.

Besides economic growth and development as the major objective of eight proposals, the rest has emphasised development of tourism hubs, port cities, education and health hubs, industrial and institutional centres as their main priorities.

According to reports the action plans submitted by 50 of the proposed Smart Cities, 11 were aimed at building clean, green and sustainable cities followed by nine proposals seeking to leverage their rich cultural heritage legacy for stimulating development.

Promoting economic development, improving quality of life and enabling inclusive urbanisation is mentioned as part of the vision by most of the cities.

As required under the Mission guidelines, each of the Mission Cities has formulated City Vision statements based on citizen consultations. Urban Development Ministry said the first batch of 20 Smart Cities will be selected in January.

While New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) in its vision statement has aimed at global benchmark for a capital city, Bihar Sharif is looking at developing the city as a tourism gateway. Chandigarh is seeking to be an ideal city which is innovative, distinct and dynamic, economically vibrant, accessible and livable.

Gandhinagar aims to be an institutional hub with diversified economic base that provides equitable setting for all to live and work with better quality of life and infrastructure. Panaji wants to be transformed into a world-class, environmentally sustainable and inclusive city while preserving its heritage, cultural diversity and ecosystems through innovation and smart solutions.

Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh) plans to become an economically vibrant, environment-friendly Smart City while conserving heritage and culture, by promoting communal harmony and sustainable urban infrastructure. Dahod (Gujarat) has sought to emerge as a dynamic and a multi-functional activity hub for tribals.

Visakhapatnam wants to become a healthy metropolis while Warangal in neighbouring Telangana is keen to emerge as vibrant regional economic hub besides being clean and green. Lucknow is emphasising clean, green and efficient citizen-centric city with a modern economy and outlook anchored in its tradition, heritage and culture with better quality of life.

Tirupati has envisaged in its Smart City plan to become a right place to live, work and visit with a high quality core infrastructure in an inclusive manner, which is intelligently and efficiently managed to convert the holy city into a Smart City.

Karnal aims to become economically flourishing while embedded in culture and history. And, Dharamshala aims to be a smart, sustainable and resilient city with a global imprint and enhanced quality of life for its residents.

Ranchi plans to develop as an industrial centre through inclusive growth practices to enhance quality of life by adopting smart and sustainable methodology. Moradabad plans to make a global impression as a clean, green and smart brass city with best quality of life for citizens.

Vadodara wants to be a sustainable and clean city with an efficient, sophisticated, and skilled and people centric administration offering best quality services to its citizens.

Mangaluru plans to be a clean and green port city, nurtured by a vibrant community and educated and industrious citizens with pluralistic cultural heritage and health care services, using eco-friendly technologies for affordable, safe and quality urban life.

Bhubaneswar aims to promote responsible governance through participatory decision-making and open access to information technology. Amritsar plans to be a vibrant heritage city with world-class and eco-friendly infrastructure leading to enhanced economic growth through responsive resource management making it a clean and green city.

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