After a pilot survey of the Jayanagar ward using drones, the Bengaluru revenue department is expanding the drone-based project to all wards in Bengaluru.

This is one more step towards implementing the ambitious Urban Property Ownership Records (UPOR) project, which initially failed in five cities of the state.

The UPOR project, initiated in 2009, guarantees property ownership records to all property owners in cities. An ownership card authenticates the property and prevents tampering of documents, ET Realty reported.

Nine years after the project was launched in Karnataka, the revenue department took it up in the Jayanagar ward in July 2018.

For the first time, the survey was carried out with the help of drones deployed by the Survey of India. A similar pilot was carried out in Ramanagara too.

Officials who oversaw the survey said it was successful considering that the error margin was 5-7 cm. This is acceptable, they pointed out.

“After we got the drone survey data, we verified it by visiting the field and comparing the dimensions in drone sketches with the actual dimensions. The low error margin implies the pilot is successful and that we can go ahead with the project for the rest of Bengaluru,” said Munish Moudgil, Commissioner, Survey, Settlement and Land Records.